Aquila Methodology

Need to find features or targets on the ground?

Aquila presents imagery over the internet to derive the information you want from aerial or satellite imagery.

Aquila enables anyone to participate in practical environmental citizen science over the Internet from the comfort of their armchair at home.
 Aquila – genus of the wedge tail eagle (Aquila audax) Australia’s largest bird of prey is the mascot of the Aquila Project.  Image: Richard Waring’s Birds of Australia

Aquila is an innovative methodology where imagery of an interest area and computer software is used to detect features of interest. Only those images, which are likely to contain target features are presented and searched over the Internet. The features or targets are detected and located for later control in the case of weeds or feral animals or studied for scientific work.

Some environmental projects involve the capture of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of images. Computer software reduces those images to a fraction of the original numbers.

This is where Citizen Science comes in. As good as computers are, nothing beats the human brain to detect features of interest. Many hands make light work, or in our case many eyes, so please consider joining Team Aquila, our volunteer search team, with one of our current Aquila projects. What does being part of Team Aquila offer you? The satisfaction of knowing every time you and like-minded friends contribute to an Aquila Project, you are a vital part of helping the environment.

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The Aquila Project is Citizen Science at its best.

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